Transparent. Honest. Wines. 

I've been traveling throughout Spain for 18 years which has entailed several dozen trips. My first jaunt wasn't for wine, but every journey after that has been. Vineyards and its liquid rendering got the best of me on venture one, but it was the purest of fermented must, the least adulterated wines that kept me returning and asking bigger picture questions of the world of wine. The myriad bewilderments that arise when smelling and tasting brings us to the realization of how little we know about their inherent properties and behaviors. After many travels, a little hand holding, and loads of support, I've elected to represent these bodegas under Jill Mott Selections. The wines are a distillation of the spirit of provenance, they reflect direct efforts of the men & women who tend gnarled vines & trepidatious sites, and well, they deliver pure joy. 

On this website, there is also a section on Spanish travel. Each month I receive emails from friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends inquiring about Spain-related travel info; where to go, what to eat, what to see... The time has come to enter that data slowly, into one spot. ¡Enjoy y que aproveche!

Although this website is almost exclusively dedicated to the bodegas that fall under Jill Mott Selections, I would be remiss if it didn't contain other pertinent vinous or brewing topics and producers that kindle interest through an updated blog post.

Thank you for supporting Jill Mott Selections!