A shade of light, rust nouveau, I didn't know existed. How often do you encounter a Jupiter-like, deep orange due to fate & age and not the craze that is orange wine? This wine is beyond "orange".

The nose is so aromatic, I literally cannot think straight. I'm likening it to following Albéñiz or Ravel's ethereal piano pounding. Dried, unsulphured, Turkish apricots, healthy VA "in the right way", (thanks, Kate), and many things erotically out of control. Dried, empty barrel post-harvest, cashews, wet pavement, my mother-in-law's plum jam, burnt Earth. Can sauvage really be tamed?

The wine enters with an authority, a kind one, not pushing its power. Sensual tropical-like stone fruits ensue and then it directly gets to business making itself refreshing. Acid & tannin are in perfect harmony. This doesn't seem a vinous, structural depiction of the harsh Meseta.

The wine shudders quietly, "This is why you do this." Its ability to convey, "what could be" and "what is,” belies comprehension.