Antonio Machado 16, El Taboso (Toledo) +925 56 80 06

Few places in Spain will you encounter this type of hospitality and regional charm. Isabel, the owner, is plagued with love for her land, Quijote, food, and more and her Manchegan breakfasts will have you pining for La Mancha long after you've left. Ask about her influence on Don Quijote being available in 60+ languages... In one book & you may find yourself checking more luggage. Very clean. Affordable. Classic. 

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The famous windmills of La Mancha, made endlessly famous by Cervantes' Don Quixote, are a symbol of this harsh yet spectacular landscape. They are omnipresent, freckled unsuspectedly on the horizon. 

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BAR/restaurante EL TELON (TOLEDO)

If you're looking for an authentic (which rarely exists anymore) breakfast experience in Toledo that's far away from the tourist buses and museum lines, head here. You know you're in a non-touristy situation when you're eating porras (wider and slightly different but similar to a churro) + chocolate alongside nurses, police officers, construction workers, flight attendants, and old women all engaging in conversation that's all too loud for the am hours... Unless you're in El Telon.  

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El tirador (toledo)

A stone's throw (ok, maybe a little more than that) from El Telon (see above) is El Tirador on the outer flanks of the old town. The atmosphere is nothing to write home about but the food is adequate to wash down local and national brews. I suggest pisto (a Spanish stewing of peppers, onions, zucchini, garlic, and little else) + huevo frito (fried egg) + patatas (potatoes). You'll leave full, the beer is much more interesting than most beer you'll encounter in the tourist traps blocks away, and they have plenty of fútbol to keep you yelling and chanting at the screen like a local.