Agriculturist/Winemaker: Nicolás Marcos Vicente


Cangas del narcea, Asturias

Nico, originally from Toro, has taken to the enchanting spirit residing in the Asturian landscape. Making wine in this neck of the woods is anything but easy - viticulture is arduous & many winemakers in this region are shaking their heads at Nico's more natural approach. No pesticides are used in the vineyards & biodynamic methods are in full effect, where appropriate. Nico is instinctual versus dogmatic and encompasses the necessary pragmatisms that brings the heart of natural, vinous Asturias into a bottle of wine. 



2016 Fanfarria blanco

2016 Fanfarria tinto

2013 Fanfarria rosado!

2013 Cadario

2014 Retortoiro

2014 La Zorrina

2015 Fanfarria tinto

2014 Fanfarria tinto

2015 Fanfarria blanco

2014 Fanfarria blanco

2014 Pésico blanco 

2013 Pésico tinto 

2013 Retortoiro

2013 La Zorrina


La Petite Zorrina

Nico (y yo)

La Zorrina

Paraxa (Fanfarria & Pésico tintos)