Viticulturist/Winemaker: Esmeralda García




Before I was brokering, a great friend of mine, Samuel Cano said I "NEEDED" to visit Esmeralda for she was spear heading a project called Pagos de Nona and the wines were bloody fantastic. When I tasted them, they made me giddy and stopped me in my note-taking track such that, when I had the power to bring them to the States, I made certain they were included in my small portfolio. Now Esmeralda is taking on a project all her own and the results are hypnotic.

Over the past three years, more natural-oriented winemakers in Spain kept saying, "keep your eyes on Esmeralda García - her wines are IT. She's the next big thing." Point was, I already knew this, not that she was the next big thing in natural winemaking but that Esmeralda was sincerely fulfilling an obligation to fully connect with vines and place and wines and purpose and this, my friends, is no easy task. In the face of adversity, Esmeralda keeps on, tending to century+ old plots making some of the most honest, forthright wines in Spain, maybe even the world and for that, I am grateful. 



2017 Y Lo Otro También

2017 SantYuste 

2017 Carrascal 

2017 Vayuste 

2017 Fuentecilla 

2016 Michika 

2016 Michiko