2017 has been an incredible year for JMS. I came upon a cellar that holds some of the most historical wines in Europe. These gems belong to Bodegas Alonso and quietly rest in Sanlúcar de Barrameda along with the many futuristic, honest experiments the Asencio brothers are hatching including their thought provoking, crushable Manzanilla Madura. These wines are being distributed exclusively by MFW in New York, Philadelphia, and Washington DC and Sacred Thirst Selections in California. 

2018 welcomed radical, natural wines unseen here in the US to the Minneapolis/St. Paul market along with Alonso + JMS expanding to California, and DC/Philly. Stay tuned for availability in Portland, Chicago, and and even more selections Minneapolis/St. Paul. I'm also dabbling in the world of West Coast wines of course, only due to organic connections from years past. I'm thrilled to be working with Anthony Yount, Rueben Lange, and Luke Wylde - wasn't expecting that, that's for certain!

BIG NEWS: A big thanks to New France Wine Co. who will be importing Jill Mott Selections from summer 2018 and into the future. Their efficiency, know-how, and guest service is a blessing to our city - thanks NFR!