Jill Mott Selections would not be possible without the incredible efforts of Grand Père Wines based in Minneapolis, MN. Through Grand Père's 20+ years of importing knowhow, we're able to grant access to exceptionally vivid wines at the best prices found in the United States. 

2016 has been an incredible year for JMS. The wines have recently landed in the Windy City and we have our partner, Cream Wine Company to thank for distributing these wines with such care.  

2017 welcomed radical, natural wines unseen before in the US and well-received in both Minneapolis and Chicago. I also came upon a cellar that holds some of the most historical wines in Europe. These gems belong to Bodegas Alonso and quietly rest in Sanlúcar de Barrameda along with the many futuristic, honest experiments from the Asencio brothers and their thought provoking, crushable Manzanilla Madura. These wines are being distributed exclusively by MFW in New York and of course, here in Minneapolis by JMS + GP.