Samuel talking La Motilla

Samuel talking La Motilla

Rosé 2016 (crown cap)

•This is basically the exact same wine as the 2016 corked Patio rosé. We noticed that after the wines had shipped, upon uncorking, they were slightly fizzy... And fricking delicious. Samuel immediately took to rebottling them in thicker bottles and crown capping them. This slight movement cut back a touch on the fizz but the current bottling is beyond glou glou. 

•100% Tinto Velasco (10 year old vines)

•La Motilla vineyard (.4 / 1.1ha)

•Calcareous clay soils w/ high percentage of chalk 

•Fermented via indigenous yeasts and aged stainless steel

•No SO2 added during entire process of vinification

•84 cases produced