Agriculturist/Winemaker: Samuel Cano


Mota del cuervo, la mancha

Samuel was the first character I met on this unexpected brokering escapade & it was his wines that made me persist in attempting to understand the most challenging and soulful of natural, Spanish wines. His vineyards & cellar are located in the heart of La Mancha, aka: Quijote Country, and the wines are every bit a reflection of this land and Samuel's soul. Rustic, charming, playful yet stern, his craft is a vinous window into this side of the Spanish countryside, some of the wildest on the Iberian Peninsula. 



2017 Atardecer rosé

2018 Paeriza Es-Carbo

NV Aire Salvaje (saca October 2018)

2017 Aire Bajo Velo (Zierzo parcel)

2016 Rosé (crown cap)

2016 Rosé

2015 Paeriza... Lo Que El Granizo No Se Llevó 

2015 Entreaires

2015 Aire Zierzo

2015 Rosé

2015 Cuvée Eva

2016 Atardecer

2014 Aire Zierzo

2014 Aire Solano

2013 Kabronic

2014 Rosé

2011-2014 Aire Salvaje Airén